O&O Defrag: How do I enable Automatic Defragmentation?

Enabling automatic defragmentation in O&O Defrag is an easy task. All modified and newly added files are checked during the automated defragmentation. Newly fragmented files will be automatically defragmented once they are no longer being accessed. This will ensure that your system is being constantly kept at its highest level of performance, and effectively prevent any additional fragmentation. The various zones of a drive will also be taken into consideration, when this option is enabled.

Automatic disk defrag can be quickly enabled going to 'Quick Start' on the program interface and bringing up the options window. Here, we ca select a couple of things:

Optimize while the screen saver is running 

The defragmentation always starts whenever your screen saver is on. For example, when you are out for lunch or away from your computer. Defragmentation will be cancelled whenever you’re working on your computer, and will continue once the screen saver comes on again.

Run defragmentation at a specified time 

Here you can specify whether defragmentation should recur automatically. The next defragmentation will then start by itself without you’re having to start it manually.

Another way to bring up automatic disk defrag options is to click the 'Settings' button on the program interface and then select either of the above mentioned options.


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